Yoga Sprout Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Moon

Yoga Sprout

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Yoga Sprout features fun, comfortable athletic wear and accessories with vibrant colors and playful patterns. This adorable swaddling set features breathable, soft 100% cotton muslin fabric in bright prints that is sure to keep your active little sprout comfortable and secure. At a generous 46x46 inches, these blankets are ideal for a multitude of uses, from stroller covers and swaddling to nursing covers and summer blankets. Mix and match additional garments from our coordinating Yoga Sprout Collection. From happy baby pose to every day adventures, grow, relax and be happy, with Yoga Sprout. Swaddling blankets are recommended for new babies, as it mimics the security of mom's womb and helps to restrict movement that might wake baby in the night, improving sleep for baby and parents alike. It also avoids the possibility of baby becoming tangled or covering their face with a loose blanket. Light, breathable muslin featured in these Yoga Sprout blankets helps to keep baby at a comfortable temperature while sleeping. The set comes folded neatly and wrapped up with a ribbon for quick and easy gift giving.

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